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Visual Studio .NET Web Control for Business Intelligence

Last week I attended the Business Intelligence Loadfest put on by Carl Dubler and Michael Acosta at the local MS distict office. Unfortunately, that was a blizzard day, so I did’t stay till the end, but I did get most of the content.

One of the really cool things I saw was a .NET Web Control for OLAP. Basically a pivot table in plain ASP.NET. No Office requirement. No browser requirement (although I haven’t tested it in Mozilla yet).

Once you’ve got the control connected to an OLAP catalog properly, you see this:

How sweet is that?

Then you drag and drop your columns and data fields into the pivot table and click Update. Here is what you get:

Now that is nice. It even supports drill through and other great stuff.

How much? Believe it or not, it is freely downloadable from Microsoft. Now you have no excuse to not do OLAP with your ASP.NET clients.

One other thing that I saw that you should look at is the new BI Portal 2.0, a WSS based environment for viewing and storing OLAP views and charts. This one does require that Office be installed, so it isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. I can’t seem to find a link for this, so it may not be published yet. I’ll let you know if I find it.