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Geek Notes 2003-12-15

Another day, another blizzard. Not too much snow so far, in terms of quantity, but it is blowing and sticking which makes driving a nightmare. My morning meeting was rescheduled, which is not surprising, and we may end up rescheduling the Denver Pragmatic Practitioners meeting too… I’ll post soon as I’ve decided.

  • Rotor V2 - It is official. We can expect another rev of Rotor that is based on the Whidbey source. Good stuff. I’m glad MS isn’t ignoring this important project.
  • SMTP Authentication using System.Web.Mail - This Code Project article shows some cool techniques you can use to make the built-in mail system do things you didn’t think were possible.
  • Sound in VPC w/ Windows Server 2K3 - Brad Wilson shows you how to do it… sort of.
  • Geek Tattoos - Wow. Some very cool tats in here… Quake, Mac, Barcodes, Binary, Hexadecimal…
  • RSS 2.0 Framework - Jerry Maguire posted his RSS framework for producing or consuming RSS feeds in C#. An alternative framework is RSS.NET.
  • Relax NG Now a Full ISO Standard - Wow. I hadn’t heard that this was even coming. RNG is an alternative XML schema language that many feel is superior to XSD because of its simplicity.