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Geek Notes 2003-12-11

After 3 days out of the office doing training, it took me most of the morning to catch up. I found a number of interesting MSDN content today. It is funny how that stuff goes in waves…

  • Server-side Paging with SQL Server - Using ADO or ADO.NET to do your paging works for small datasets, but it just too slow for real amounts of data. While you’re waiting for Yukon (which will just do this), here is a way of doing your paging on the server. (Requires login to read, but you can get the code without one.)
  • EXSLT Meets XPath - Dare Obasanjo’s EXSLT library made the news a few weeks back, but now there is an article on MSDN all about it.
  • Host an Interactive Visio Surface in .NET - Wow. This is nice. Ever wanted a Visio-like surface in your WinForms app?
  • Role-Based Security w/ Authorization Manager - Keith Brown’s new article on MSDN about using the Windows Server 2003 Authorization Manager to simplify the adminstration and development of role based applications
  • AES in .NET - This article explains what AES is and provides a .NET implementation. I wonder how this is different than System.Security.Cryptography.Rijndael…