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Geek Notes 2003-11-21

Got my sweet new Motorola MPx-200 in the mail yesterday and got it setup today. Man this is a nice phone. Need to get a belt clip for it… and probably a 256MB memory chip for, but that can wait.

  • Vulnerability in MySQL - Looks like the popular open source database has a buffer overflow problem. I thought someone told me that open source projects don’t have buffer overflow problems because of all the peer review… :)
  • WSS Web Parts - Tim Heuer is working on some cool WSS webparts, most notably a Document Library Explorer – essentially an explorer view for a WSS Doc Lib. I can’t wait.
  • What is System Volume Information? - Raymond Chen tells us what is in there and why it is important. I’ve always wondered what it was for… interesting that WinFS is in there too.
  • Scientific American Sci/Tech Gifts for 2003 - Got a geek in the family? Take a look at this. I’d sure like a shrimp farm for my desk. [via SlashDot]
  • Sql Server Reporting Services - Tom Rizzo raves about the newly released Reporting Services Beta.
  • Design and Implementation Guidelines for Web Clients - This 238 page guide, targeted for used of the UIP Application Block, provides advice on how to best implement logic in the presentation layer of a distributed web application.
  • What is MSAvalon? - ChrisAn talks about the history of the MSAvalon namespace and the teams who work on it. In his next post, Chris explains the history of the Avalon architecture.
  • WsContractFirst v0.2 - I posted about Christian’s last version of this, but he is really starting to move this thing forward. It now adds an ASMX default implementation that has WSDL generation disabled (duh!), client side proxies get access to raw XML, generates properties instead of fields because it doesn’t use XSD.EXE. This is a Good Thing. [via Ingo Rammer’s Weblog]
  • MPx200.org - News, Reviews, and Help for the MPX200, SPH-i600, and SmartPhone Community.