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Geek Notes 2003-11-16

Sorry for the paucity of posts lately… once again my daughter gave me the flu. This one has been kicking my butt since early last week. Ugh!

I found a few interesting things today… not all tech-related, but interesting nonetheless.

  • The Bombardier Embrio - This vapor-ware must-have looks like a cross between a Segway Human Transporter and a crotch-rocket motorcycle. I still can’t believe I didn’t try a Segway at PDC this year. Dumb, dumb dumb…
  • Why Walmart Rules the World - 7.5% of all retail activity in the US! And everyone freaks out about Microsoft…
  • TheArtRocks.com - “100 of the world’s most celebrated artists chose their favorite musicians and created the greatest album covers that never were.” I love Vonnegut’s cover for Phish’s Hook, Line and Sinker.
  • Eros Ex Mathematica - Is it porn or mathematics? For some people it is both.
  • The Elegant Universe Now Online - The recent 3 part Nova special on string theory was an excellent layman’s foray into modern cosmology. PBS has now made the entire thing available online.

I’m off to bed early tonight. I’ve gotta kick this thing.