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Geek Notes 2003-11-10

Sorry, not much today. As I mentioned last night, I rebuilt my laptop yesterday. This morning the new build was not behaving nicely (it was a new corp ghost image) so I spent the morning rebuilding it by hand.

Along the way I lost my current OPML for my aggregator (oops), so I had to revert back to the last copy I uploaded to the web server (at least a month out of date).

Here is the only thing that caught my eye today:

Most of the new features we’re seeing in Whidbey (e.g. generics, Object Spaces, improved XML, etc.) are fairly low lever building blocks. The MBF provides programming abstractions like Entities, Relationships and Cubes that are built upon these blocks to provide business app developers the tools they really need.

The developer geek in me loves the low level stuff, but I’m going to guess that the stuff I’ll use the most will be MBF and ObjectSpaces. Why isn’t there more information on it? One slide deck isn’t good enough…