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PDC - Indigo: Connected Application Technology Roadmap

Joe Long, PUM for all the Indigo, COM+, MSMQ, and other connected technologies gave this talk I’m in a rush to get to my only Avalon session, so I’ll be quick:

Here are the imporant parts that I got as for planning the next couple of years:

  • “Porting from one version of WSE to another or to Indigo will be a non-trivial exercise.”
  • Build services using ASMX
  • Enhance your ASMX service with WSE if you need the WSE feature set and you can accept the support poilicy
  • Use object technology in a service’s implementation
  • Use ES if you need ES rich feature set
  • You are communicating between components off the local machine and have you have perf issues
  • Use .NET Remoting if├é you need to integrate with an existing proprietary protocol
  • You are communicating with… (sorry the slide went away… I’ll update this post when I can get the slide deck)
  • Use System.Messaging (MSMQ) only if you really need what it offers. It will NOT be migrated to Indigo. It will continue to be supported, but it WILL NOT BE INDIGO.