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PDC - Indigo: Services and the Future of Distributed Applications

This was yesterday afternoon’s “intro to Indigo” session, hosted by the always excellent Don Box. This was a very atypical Box demo, because during the hour and a half, we only saw code for about 15 minutes. The rest of the time Don was preaching from his slides. I say preaching, because I remember feeling at the time that it felt like what a southern baptist revival looks like. I kept thinking that someone, maybe even myself, was going to stand up, throw their hands into the sky and yell “Hallelujah!”

I think I now understand what Don has been saying when he spouted things like “Indigo is a state of mind.” It is a state of mind. It is also a bunch of really cool framework extensions that we don’t have yet… :)

Some technical notes:

  • Indigo does not require Longhorn
  • Indigo will run on WinXP, 2K3 and later OSes (e.g. Longhorn)
  • Indigo corrects the mistakes made in ASMX

That’s all for now… there is so much going on here that I’m having a hard time keeping up. Back soon.

PS. I almost fell on the floor laughing when Don said, “COM and CORBA are like this. You create an orifice into a running program and inject a new piece of code into it and say, ‘Run this.’”

That totally isn’t funny to read written down, but when he said it with the accompanying hand gestures I almost fell out of my chair.