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PDC - Expo Hall Reception + Fun With NUnitAddIn

After Don’s talk I followed the masses into the Exposition Hall for beer, food, chats and of course, free stuff!

Bumped into a bunch of people I hadn’t met before… had a good discussion with one of the WinFS guys.. and drank too many free beers. :)

At 9:00, the conference staff started working us to the door and I needed to head off to my first BOF of the day. But I didn’t get there.

As I was heading to “Open Source Portals: IBS/DotNetNuke/Rainbow” when I bumped into Paolo Marcucci and Jamie Cansdale. Paolo and I first met on Sunday and we were hanging out chatting and watching his Longhorn install creep along. Jamie, of course is the author of NUnitAddin.

As Paolo and I were standing there talking about who knows what, Jamie was playing around in VS.NET. “Look at this,” he quietly interjected.

Paolo and I leaned in to see what he was doing. If you haven’t seen or used NUnitAddin, then you are missing out. Even if you don’t use NUnit, you can take advantage of this tool.

What Jamie was showing us, however, is new code that he hasn’t released yet. He has added some amazing new features, most notably the following (and I only saw it over his shoulder for 2 minutes):

  • A tree view of the tests in the current class
  • The ability to step into code for which you have no source. It shows the IL right in the editor window.

WOW! That is cool. I asked Jamie to give me an hour demo today of how to really use NUnitAddIn because I don’t think I really get it. I mean, I use it, but in those two minutes I realized that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ll try to get that to happen today and maybe later I’ll write an article about it.