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PDC - Busy Day

Whew, it has been a very busy day. After the keynote this morning, I ran into Chris Hollander. We grabbed lunch and then took a brief lap through the exhibit hall. I wanted to take a spin on the Segway, but the line was a little longer than I wanted.

After that I swung into “Building InfoPath Solution Using Managed Code: Drill Down” to see how I could use VS.NET with InfoPath. Until now you had to do event handlers using JScript instead of managed .NET code. They demoed the new InfoPath Toolkit for Visual Studio. Very nice.

It is similar to the Office Toolkit for Visual Studio in that it provides new project templates for InfoPath projects. When you fire one of these projects up, it adds a new InfoPath file and a class library project and hooks it all up. When you double click on the InfoPath file it opens the InfoPath designer.

But here’s the cool part… when you add an event handler in the InfoPath designer, it pops back to VS.NET├é and adds a method to your class. Compile and run and the form opens up and the event handler is all hooked up! This is what I was expecting when I first saw InfoPath. Now, many months later I get it.

Or, at least I think I get it. I haven’t checked the CDs yet. :)

I bailed on that session a little early because in my stupidity I left my “Get Your Free Bits” coupon at the hotel. And because I am at the hotel farthest from the LA Convention Center it took me an hour and a half to get there and back. Bummer. But now I have the bits! Woohoo!

When I got back I slipped into “Avalon: Building Applications with Controls and Dialogs”. This was all about XAML and how to make neat UIs in Longhorn. That is very exciting stuff and I can’t wait to start playing with it when I get home, but I certainly won’t be using it for real code for at least a few yeas.

I then slipped over to “ASP.NET: Overview of ASP.NET Whidbey”. This was a very cool talk and I should have come here as soon as I got back from the hotel. ASP.NET 2.0 has tons of excellent stuff like Master Pages, new Project styles, web parts and more. I’m going to try to hit this one when it replays later in the week… we’ll see.

I’m now sitting in Don Box’s “Indigo: Services and the Future of Distributed Applications”. This one will be good. More later.