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More Cool VS.NET Tips

Roy says:

Just found this cool Visual Studio .Net &nbsp_place_holder;tips page on MSDN, thanks to Sudhakar Sadasivuni .

Wow. There are some very cool tips here.

  • Command Line (CTRL+/)
    I was already a big fan of the Command Window (CTRL+ALT+A) as a way of driving the UI, but honestly the keystroke sucks. Of course I could change it, but I try to avoid that in case I’m helping someone on their machine and they don’t have my keymappings. Command Line does what you want 90% of the time and is a lot faster to get to.
  • Incremental Search (CTRL+I)
    I found this once before and loved it. Then I forgot about it again. Maybe I’ll actually use it this time.

That’s enough for now… there are too many to comment on them all.