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Back From Cancun - Trip Review Part 1

Whew. Well we made it back. Not the best vacation I’ve ever had. In fact on more that one occasion my wife and I quoted the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons:

Worst vacation ever!

The problems started on the way to the airport. Parking at DIA is a bit expensive, so I like to park on the Pike’s Peak shuttle lot. $10 a day LESS than parking up close. We found a spot, got our ticket and jumped on the next bus. The bus lurched away and I thought, “That doesn’t feel right. The bus shouldn’t lurch like that.”

Of course, halfway to the airport the bus breaks down. Great. Luckily the next bus was pretty close behind and we just jumped on it, but this was an omen of how the trip would progress.

We get up to where SunTrips checkin happens and waited in line. We had only booked 3 days before, so I needed to pickup our travel documents. I went up to the person at their “will call” counter and asked for my tickets.

“I have them right here on top,” she said, “Where are you staying?”

“Oasis I think. I’m not sure, I’ve never stayed there.”

Her smile didn’t falter, but she paused.

“Is that okay?” I asked, starting to worry.

“Oh yeah, you’ll have a great time.”

You see, my wife had done some Internet research that morning and we were kind of worried about this hotel. We read a number of comments where people said, “it was absolutely overflowing with teenagers getting drunk and partying loudly into the night.” This can be either a good or a bad thing, it depends on why you are going to Cancun. We were going to relax and this worried us a bit. It was too late to do anything about it though, so we continued on….