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SWEBOK Negatively Reviewed and Why You Should Care

I’ve mentioned the Software Engineering Body of Knowlege (SWEBOK) a few times. It is in the review phase, and not surprisingly, doesn’t include a single thing from agile methods. In two very critical reviews (here and here) Cem Kaner (Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology) goes page by page through the SWEBOK and takes it apart. If you don’t have time to read it yourself, you should at least read Cem’s review. If you don’t have time to read Cem’s review, consider this:

  1. Grady Booch’s negative comments were completely ignores
  2. The ACM was co-sponsoring and co-authoring it, but after a review withdrew from the project
  3. You (software developers) could become legally liable if you&nbsp_place_holder;do software development without following SWEBOK (like civil engineers)

If you agree with any of this, then I suggest you do as Cem asks and submit a negative comment.&nbsp_place_holder;