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Mike Gunderloy writes in The Daily Grind 102:

Using log4net - Introductory tutorial from Nauman Leghari. I’m still trying to figure out why log4net is superior to the built-in Trace and Debug classes, but I’m probably just a Philistine who doesn’t appreciate open-source software.

I’ll tell you one thing that I really like about log4net over the built in classes. I get complete control over what is logged and where it is logged to from the config file. Which means I can say things like this AFTER deployment:

  • FAIL events will be emailed to the QA dept
  • ERROR events will be logged to the NT Event Log
  • DEBUG events will be ignored

But during development I probably had something like this:

  • ALL events will be logged to a SQL Database (or a text file, etc.)

Personally, I love it.