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DotList - a Lisp Dialect for .NET

From the DotList website:


  • Command-line interpreter with Read-Eval-Print Loop
  • Embeddable Interpreter object in a DLL assembly
  • Lexically scoped, Lisp-1
  • &key, &opt and &rest parameters
  • CL-style Macros
  • Generic functions (single and binary dispatch)
  • .Net type system (strings, ints, floats, bools, chars, arrays etc are the .Net System types, no conversions/mapping)
  • Transparent access to the .Net framework - simple syntax for constructor and method invocation and property access

This could be interesting. Especially the embeddable interpreter. I know Lisp has been used as a scripting language in the past. It could be an interesting choice for .NET applications.