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New Application Blocks

You’ve probably heard me talk about the forthcoming UIP Application Block. You can expect to see a number of new Application Blocks arrive this year, of which UIP, Updater and Configuration have specific interest for me. Three others were released today:

  • Service Aggregation Block
    The Aggregation Application Block is a .NET Framework extension that allows you to easily manage and coalesce information from various service providers and other systems and present that information to users.

  • Asynchronous Invocation Application Block
    The Microsoft Asynchronous Invocation Application Block manages asynchronous communication between a Web client and one or more foreign service providers (FSP).

  • Caching Application Block
    The Caching Application Block has been designed to encapsulate Microsoft’s recommended best practices for caching in .NET applications

I haven’t played with any of these yet, so I can’t say good or bad things about them. I’ve been beta testing the UIP block, though and I’ll have a lot more to say about that soon.