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I Hate Outlook's Spam Features

OK. If you read this blog often, you know I have issues with spam. I’ve had the same email address for years and I get lots of spam. When I decided to move up to Outlook 2003 Beta, I had to give up on SpamBayes. Very very unfortunate. The Spam features in OL2003 are just terrible compared to what SpamBayes was doing for me.

Now I just have to wait and hope that either MS or the SpamBayes people fix this. Ugh. I can’t wait…

UPDATE: Actually the spam filtering is better than MS ever had before, it just using the blacklist/whitelist approach which just isn’t as good as Bayesian filtering.

UPDATE 2: I sent an email to the author of&nbsp_place_holder;the SpamBayes Outlook Addin. Hopefully we can get this resolved ASAP.