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More Blogshares Stuff

There is no way this will work forever, but it has been a fun couple of days playing. Follow my original strategy for making initial buys on a stock. Buy as many as you can when they are cheap… typically 25% of the outstanding shares. This is 1250 for most new stocks.

Then check your portfolio a couple of times a day. For any share that still has stock available, buy ONE share. Do this every 6 hours if you can. The price will slowly climb. Others will start to buy the stock, one share at a time. The price will climb up until the P/E is over 200!

I made $3M today, selling 8 stocks that I’d done this with. Bought the initial 1250 at about $1.50 per share. By the time there were no shares left, the price was over $100 per share for each one.

So here’s&nbsp_place_holder; my current problem… I want to automate all of this. I’m sick of having to do this myself. Blogshares doesn’t have an XML interface, but I’ve been playing around with the idea of screen scraping something together. Anyone interested in helping me with this? I want the resulting application to be completely rules based, so I can have my own strategy defined in the config file. When I want to update the strategy, I don’t have to recompile. Also, it means we can all have our own strategy files. Email me if you want to help out.