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Internet Draft: Reply Posting Guidelines

This interesting little tidbit was posted to the WinTech OffTopic Mailing List. The part that got my attention was this:

  1. Guidelines for Point-by-Point Replies vs. Summary Replies.

In replies that specifically respond to individual sentences, paragraphs, or points to the original message at least (3) three times, Point-by-Point replies may be used.&nbsp_place_holder; All other forms of replies shall be in the format of summary replies.

The purpose of the Summary reply is to give proper emphasis on the reply. The reply is the focal point of the message, and as such,&nbsp_place_holder; that’s what the readers are reading the message for, the reply. Context is important, but as in written communication, it is secondary in nature.&nbsp_place_holder; In written communication, footnotes are used, or appendices.&nbsp_place_holder; While electronic communication is not as&nbsp_place_holder;formal, leaving a trimmed copy of the original message for reference is appropriate and should be done where relevant.&nbsp_place_holder; A&nbsp_place_holder;combination of Point-by-Point and Summary shall never be used. In a nutshell, the purpose of a reply is the reply, not to provide a transcript of an entire conversation.&nbsp_place_holder; A trimmed quotes original&nbsp_place_holder;message is always recommended to include with a reply as a reference as relevant.

I wish more people read just this one section. One of the things I hate about reading the WinTech OT List is summary reply messages that have all of the previous messages appended to the bottom. I wish more people would take a little time to clean up their posting. You would do it for your weblog, why not do it for a mailing list?