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News From the Forest asks:

What is the appeal of BlogShares?

For me, I have to say it is fun. I started out with $500 back when it was in Beta. It took me until this week to figure out a strategy that works. It is just a little mind break for when I need to step away from my code, weblog, meetings, etc.

BTW, here is my strategy:

Create a custom search with the following settings:

  • Price between $ 1.00 and $999.00
  • P/E between 0.01 and 2.75
  • Publicly held shares value between 1 and 9999
  • Sort by P/E in ascending order

Twice a day do the following:

  1. Go to My Portfolio and sell everything that has a P/E over 4.5 (sometimes less… depends on how greedy you are). Try not to do more that 5-8 selling transactions if you can, but don’t hold on to something that gets a P/E of more than 5.
  2. View your search results and buy as much as you can afford in the order that they appear in the search window. Generally I avoid anything that has less that 2000 available shares, ‘cause I want to buy at least 500 shares and you can only buy 25% of what is available.

Just in the past&nbsp_place_holder;3 days, I’ve gone from ~$13,000 to more than $150,000. Anyone else have strategies that are working for them? Please share.