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My Experiences With InfoPath

Hmmm… interesting product. I’m a bit disappointed in its lack of support for WebServices created by VS.NET. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I’ve been through Richard Caetano’s tutorial and it works just fine for submitting a dataset to a webservice, but what about reading it back? Every time I try to create an InfoPath form that is setup to read from a webservice created with VS.NET, I get this error:

“InfoPath does not support XML data files with inline schemas. To use the inline schema, create a separate XML Schema that only includes the inline schema information. You can then use that XML Schema as the data source for a new form template.”

I understand what the error is saying, but it doesn’t make sense that InfoPath can’t read from VS.NET webservices out-of-the-box.

I’m sure I’m just missing something here. I await enlightenment…