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Frans Bouma's Rant About VS.NET 2003 Adoption

Frans has updated his original post about VS.NET 2003 and added some less antagonistic comments to the top. This comment caught my attention, and I think is the most important thing said in the whole thing:

…A developer has to make two choices: which .NET version to target and which IDE version to choose. With Visual Studio.NET I have one choice: the .NET target is also implying the IDE version. I can’t force my customers to shell out money to upgrade to VS.NET 2003, just because I think it’s nice to target .NET 1.1. These two things: platform and IDE, should be separated. I can still develop software for Windows98 in VS.NET 2003, and I can also develop win32 software for Windows2003 in VS.NET 2002. Let that kind of freedom also be a choice for .NET developers.

I couldn’t agree more. It is very frustrating to have to keep two different IDEs installed to support two different, but closely related platforms. I think this is the single biggest mistake MS made with VS.NET 2003. It is something they could easily remedy by releasing a service pack.