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I'm Switching Spam Filters

I’ve touted Cloudmark SpamNet for a while, but it looks like it is going commercial. I don’t mind paying for software that I use regularly, but a while back I posted a question asking people if anyone had any good free alternatives.

Someone told me that I should look at SpamBayes. It looked really good, but I put it off because SpamNet hadn’t forced me to pay yet. After reading this article on John Udell’s weblog though, I decided it was time.

The installation went smoothly.&nbsp_place_holder;After launching Outlook, I fired it up and started the training session using the 500 or so messages that were in my Spam folder. It has been running for 10 minutes now, learning about the Spam I’ve already received. I wonder if this much starting material is better or worse for a filter like this? We’ll see. I get hundreds of Spams a week, so I’ll find out soon enough.

I promise to report back soon with more observations. I’m optimistic after reading John’s article.