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Typed Data Sets

I’ve been avoiding comment on the Typed Data Set argument that has been bouncing around a few weblogs, but this article on Roy’s ISerializable weblog combined with this one from Clemens Vasters weblog brings it all to a nice conclusion.

  • DataSets are XML Infosets. I like this. As soon as I read it, it made sense to me.
  • You can pass Typed Data Sets (TDS) around without having references. I guess I knew this all along (after all they are just XML Infosets, right?)&nbsp_place_holder; but again, seeing it written down cleared up a few things in my mind.

I tend to be a Domain Model kind of guy, but I have done projects that use TDSs instead. The only problem, one that Roy mentions, is that you have to recreate them every time your schema changes.