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A while ago, I wrote an article about a solution I generated for one of my customers that used Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) to protect the content of email messages sent from their webserver to internal staff. The solution worked great.

I started thinking about how I would do that in .NET and quickly ran across this article at CodeProject.com. It is basically a wrapper class around the GPG.EXE program. It works, but it got me thinking… with all of the wonderful stuff in System.Security.Cryptography, couldn’t we implement the same thing?

After looking into it a little further, it looks to me that we should be able to implement at least part of what a typical PGP implementation provides. System.Security.Cryptograpy has SHA1, MD5, DES, TripleDES, and Rijndael implementations. Granted I haven’t spent a whole lot of time digging much further than this, but it seems to me what we should be able to glue all of this together into a PGP class library for .NET.

Had anyone run into this anywhere? I can’t imagine that someone else hasn’t started this project already.