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DataGrid Madness

angryCoder writes:

**Stop The DataGrid Madness
**ASP.NET comes with a lot of server controls out of the box. One of them is the DataGrid server control. It offers some good packaged functionality, but it suffers from a lot of shortcomings. For some reason, many ASP.NET developers feel compelled to introduce hack upon hack to get the DataGrid to handle the features that they want. I have seen so many __articles_
written on hacking the DataGrid, that one might think that it would make good fodder for a doctoral dissertation. DataGrid hacking has taken on cult-like traits. I have seen code examples that use 150 lines of code to make the DataGrid?s paging mechanism work differently. Sometimes hundreds of lines of code are used to change the event behavior of the DataGrid. It?s pure madness, and a waste of developer resources and time._

I couldn’t agree more. I think this is because Mort doesn’t know what else to do. He needs a grid of some sort, and there is one in the toolbar, so obviously that is what he’s supposed to use, right?&nbsp_place_holder;Mort sees the Repeater control and sees a funny looking little icon with arrows and lines. But that DataGrid… he knows what that is.