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Integrating Incomplete Systems

It is very annoying to be coming up on a deadline and the other systems upon which you depend are still in flux. I am helping a local fulfillment company build a SOAP interface to their system. The motivator for my customer (lets call them A) is that their biggest customer (B) told them they have to do it in order to remain a vendor. Additionally, B provided a SOAP interface spec that we had to implement. No real biggie here, except that in the last two weeks (since I joined the project) the SOAP interface spec has changed twice! Ugh. I normally wouldn't care about this except that our deadline is this Friday and we still haven't had an order come into the system from B. The spec seems nailed down, but there are still semantic variances that are eating up time. And then today they tell us they are about to implement the shipping and tax logic. Given that A has to be up and running by Friday, wouldn't you think B should have had the system up and running at least a week or two early? So we could develop and test against a stable system.