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Telecom Nightmare

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that our T1 was going to move from the old office to the new office. It didn’t. They told us it would probably be today. Yeah right. When it comes to anything to do with telecoms, I’m pretty pessimistic.

When I got back from my morning meeting, I passed the tech on his way out.

Me: “It’s done?”

Him: “Yep. It is all good.”

Me: “You got the data up too?”

Him: “Sure did.”

Sweet. I zipped over to the old office (two blocks), and grabbed all of our servers, switches, the firewall, etc. and hauled back to get it installed. I didn’t like the idea of out email bouncing, and we had effectively been down since the tech swapped the circuit–about 15 minutes before I saw him–by now close to an hour.

Eben and I quickly put the stuff into our new rack (thanks Mike for installing it) and started powering up. Of course… no internet. Assholes.

Tech Support Call #1:

Me: Relaying all of the info about what I had done to test the circuit.

Him: “OK. Let me take a look.”

(Long pause)

Him: “Looks like they didn’t slide your IP addresses over. Let me take care of that. Can you hang on for a sec?”

Me: “Sure.”

(3 minutes)

Him: “Ok. I’ve got my supervisor finishing that up. It should take 5 to 10 minutes and then you should be all set. If it isn’t up then, call us back and we’ll figure it out.”

Hmmm…. Supervisor? Why did he need his supervisor to add a route? Last time I did this, the guy had it done in 30 seconds, while I was on the phone. Of course, 10 minutes go by and still no Internet.

Tech Support Call #2, #3, #4 and #5

Me: “It still isn’t working.”

Him: “Well, let me see…”

(Long pause)

Him: “Can you hang on for&nbsp_place_holder;a sec?”

(5 minutes)

Him: “Well, we’ve amost got it. Here’s the deal. The routes are in and it all looks good. The problem is that I can’t seem to reconfigure the equipment we installed at your site. I’m guessing the tech set the password wrong.”

Me: “What? So you’re going to send someone out and fix it, right?”

Him: “It’ll probably be tomorrow.”

Me: “No good. My corp email is down. You’ve gotta do better than that.”

Him: “Let me call you back.”

(Repeat the above two lines 3 more times, 5 minutes apart.)

Him: “Sorry, tomorrow is the best we can do.”

AARGH! I hate fucking telecoms. It doesn’t matter who you use… QWest, WorldCom, Allegiance (the telecom in this story)… they’re all the same. I can’t stand them. It seems that no matter how much planning you do, no matter how many calls you make in advance, they will still screw it up.

Someday, when I’m a gazillionaire, I’m going to start my own telecom and we will specialize in providing crappy service to all the assholes who gave me crappy service when I was the customer. Kind of like when Michael Moore set off all of the car alarms in front of the car alarm company president (from an episode of TV Nation–great show).