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Games on the "Morale" Budget?

This is crazy!

Halo&nbsp_place_holder;is rapidly becoming a tradition&nbsp_place_holder;at MS.&nbsp_place_holder; All over the company XBOX’s are being setup with the sole purpose of playing halo.&nbsp_place_holder; Many teams have their rig subsidized by their morale budget.&nbsp_place_holder; We on the Windows Forms team wanted a more exclusive experience, so we&nbsp_place_holder;started an&nbsp_place_holder;XBOX membership&nbsp_place_holder;program.&nbsp_place_holder; Its like a country club, except without the golfing.

Team High Life&nbsp_place_holder;also has a standing halo tradition.&nbsp_place_holder; We’ve convened on just about every Wednesday night&nbsp_place_holder;in building 50 since the magic evening of 11/15/01.&nbsp_place_holder; Playing with the Windows Forms team, on a single box is a blast, but there is nothing quite like 4 box, 16 way action.&nbsp_place_holder; Ask __ChrisAn_, he shows up from time to time._

[Mike Harsh’s Blog]