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Scoble's Comments on the Scott Nealy Interview

I thought this was interesting…

My comments? Well, if .NET is a joke, Sun is a tragedy. A Silicon Valley tragedy. Why Sun’s board of directors doesn’t get someone with vision and the ability to save Sun is beyond me. (Did anyone notice that Sun’s stock and prospects are in the toilet?)

Since Scott is hopeless, let’s all learn from this. Every news.com interview should be seen as an opportunity to tell the world your vision and to try to get more customers to come to your side. Now, I dare you, find one bit of innovation __being discussed by Scott in this interview_. One thing that’ll help Sun’s customers. One thing that will result in Sun improving its revenues. One thing that’ll keep Sun from losing market share to Linux (Linux is really hurting Sun more than .NET is). One thing to get excited about. Nah, I heard Scott give this speech three years ago at Comdex. It turned me off of him then. It just shows that he’s unable to change strategies now, even as his company teeters on the brink of financial ruin._

And people wonder why I support Microsoft? Listen, if Microsoft had any competitors doing anything interesting I’d support them (I was the first to support ICQ, for instance, and was 29 months ahead of Microsoft coming out with a product in that space). Is this the best that Silicon Valley can do? If so, the Valley’s days of technology dominance are over. __[The Scobleizer Weblog]