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ASP.NET Starter Kits

The ASP.NET team continues to pump out sample code to encourage people to adapt their ideas and architecture. In conjunction with the current VSLive conference, they’ve made available five “starter kits” in beta form. These applications are designed to get you up and running with useful ASP.NET architectures quickly. [Larkware News]

There’s also a new sample smart client on .NET Client Web called TaskVision. Includes support for several interesting smart client technologies:

  • Application offline and online model
  • Application update model via HTTP (no-touch deployment)
  • Authorization to control user access to application features
  • Data collision handling
  • Printing and Print Preview
  • Windows XP Themes
  • Dynamic properties
  • Localization support
  • Accessibility support (limited)
  • Forms authentication using a database for user names/passwords
  • Asynchronous XML Web service class
  • ADO.NET data access using SQL stored procedures
  • Graphics development using GDI+
  • Integration between .NET Framework-based code and COM applications (COM interop) [Harry Pierson’s DevHawk Weblog]