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Colorado Blogger Bash II.V

Brad Wilson (aka The .NET Guy) posts:

Seriously, I couldn’t make up a wacky numbering system like that. :) Are any of my dozen readers going to the Colorado Blogger Bash II.V at Wynkoop Brewery (LoDo) this coming Saturday? Lisa and I are thinking of going, and I’m hoping to meet up with some of the more technical people in the area. (Greg? Gordon? Peter? others I don’t know about?)

I’d love to go. I’d really like to meet up with some of the tech bloggers that I read regularly. But I can’t make this event. My family (me, wife, dog, 18 month old) is going camping with my brother-in-law’s family (mommy, daddy, 5 year old, 3 year old) up near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Perhaps an alternative Colorado Tech Blogger meeting on another day? I can suggest a few cool places if anyone else is interested.

dasBlog Upgrade + New Theme

Spent a couple of hours last night and then a couple more this morning creating a new theme for dasBlog 1.1. It has some aspects that are blatant ripoffs of Clemens’ new theme (e.g. drop shadows), but it also has a few things that I think are unique. Also, his uses CSS based layout, while mine uses tables. I’m still thinking about how to get my Outlook theme in here, but that’s gonna have to wait.

Many thanks to whoever created the theme and macro documentation on the dasBlog site. Nice work.

Test-Driven Development

I haven’t posted a Haiku in a while.

Test, Code, Refactor…
Repeat until you are done.
Is it that easy?

Some say it isn’t.
That you can’t skip the design.
__They can’t stop asking…

“How can it be that
Emergent design will work?
Where’s the architect?”

Architects are there.
Writing tests and writing code.
__Over and over.

But they let the code
Tell them what the design is.
They just listen well.

ASP.NET Menu Panned by the .NET Guy

Brad Wilson (aka The .NET Guy) writes:

Peter Provost posts about ASPnetMenu, a product we purchased and are now in the process of replacing. The problem we had with this control was that the HTML output was quite copious, and even moderately large menus (with a few dozen items) would end up being many 10s of K of HTML. Part of the problem is that they used tables for layout; another part is simply inefficient HTML (each menu element has 4 or 5 events tagged off of it).

Since menus don’t often change, it’s best to get a system where your menu is entirely in JavaScript. Then you can emit the menu as a separate URL, with separate caching semantics from your menu-adorned pages. To that end, we think we’re probably moving to AJMenu from NavSurf. It’s not .NET-based, but it should be easy to make a .NET wrapper that could dynamically generate the JavaScript as needed.

Honestly, I find that almost ALL .NET Web Controls produce too much HTML. Not to mention the ViewState bag. The fact that this one does doesn’t surprise me at all. You should see the amount of&nbsp_place_holder;HTML and script produced by RichTextBox!

Like I said in my original post however, I don’t think popup menus belong on the web. Unless the visual look is almost exactly like a windows application, people get confused and don’t know if they should click, rollover, or what. My 2 cents.


While I don’t thing menu’s are very usable over the web, sometimes you have to have them cause the customer wants them. I just found this on StronglyTyped.com:

ASP.NET Menu: “ASP.NET Menu is an ASP.NET Server Control that allows you to easily add powerful and attractive menus to your web site or web application with just a few lines of code. “ I’m using ASP.NET Menu in a project at work. It’s pretty well built and has a clean object model. I tried a few others but some of them were quite tedious to use. One for example had 3 or 4 different files that were required (.ASCX, .CSS, .XML, and the .ASPX). With ASP.NETMenu it’s just a server control tag and CSS of formatting. Very clean.

Looks pretty good. I’ll keep that in my toolbox. Thanks.

Removing dasBlog Categories?

Before I start digging through the code, I’m wondering if someone could give me the long and the short of what I would have to do to remove a category from dasBlog.

I didn’t use categories in Radio, but I’ve started using them since moving to dasBlog and now I want to consolidate some of them. If I open all of the entries from a particular category and change it, will the category go away? Do I need to remove it from some other XML file?


Improve the Performance of Windows XP

I read somewhere (don’t remember where) about the DisablePagingExecutive registry setting. Wanting to know a little bit more about it, I found this article&nbsp_place_holder;full of excellent tips for speeding up your Windows XP machine.

His description of what the DisablePagingExecutive does isn’t quite right. This is from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD&nbsp_place_holder; 0 | 1&nbsp_place_holder; 0&nbsp_place_holder;

Specifies whether user-mode and kernel-mode drivers and kernel-mode system code can be paged to disk when not in use.

Value Meaning
0 Drivers and the kernel must remain in physical memory.
1 Drivers and the kernel can be paged to disk as needed.


Setting this value to 0 is useful when debugging drivers, because all of the code and data is always memory resident.

So what is really going on here is that the OS and drivers stay in RAM. I’ve got almost a Gig of RAM on this machine so I’m going to give it a try.