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New Theme - Fixed in Mozilla

Thanks to Brad (aka DotNetGuy) for pointing out that my new theme doesn’t work in Mozilla. I had yet to install it on my new machine, so hadn’t tested it. I should have suspected that all that CSS wasn’t going to work cross browser.

CSS is one of those things that I come back to every now and then… and get burned by each time. It works well for style formatting (e.g. fonts, colors, etc.) but it absolutely SUCKS at layout. What works in IE doesn’t work in Mozilla and vice versa.

They should just pull all the positioning stuff out. Needless to say, I converted it to tables this morning to make it work.


Tons O' Spam

Boy, I just don’t know what I would do without SpamBayes. I kinda forgot to check my personal email account for a week. (The address of which is plastered all over this site and has been on the spam lists for almost 10 years.)

Needless to say, I got SPAMMED! 1281 junk mails. Wanna guess how many false positives SpamBayes messed up on?


How about how many messages went unfiltered?


Out of 1281 spam messages, only 6 were missed by SpamBayes. That is a miss rate of less than 0.4%. Fucking sweet.

New Site Is Done (for Now)

Whew. I’m done, for now. For those of you who are interested, here is what I did:

  1. I created a new theme called Longhorn that is derived from the Longhorn Slate Theme from the PDC bits.
  2. I got rid of all the categories I had been using and cut it down to one category for my weblog, one category for articles and one category for content about me.
  3. I uploaded my current blogroll from NewsGator. It turns out that the OPML generated by NewsGator isn’t compatible with dasBlog, so I had to do some search-and-replace tweaking.
  4. I got rid of the classic blog calendar. I’m not convinced that it is worth having. Anyone who thinks I should put it back, please post a comment.
  5. I cleaned up my Links section. It was full of a number of links that have been rolled up into my new Categories.

Whew. That took most of the day (when I wasn’t playing with my daughter).

An Apology

I’m in the middle of restructuring most of the content in this blog. I’m trying to set it up as more of a content management system, which means I need to reorganize some of the older content and enter some content that used to live in other places (like my wiki).

Sorry. Please ignore the stuff you don’t like. It’ll be over soon. :)

UPDATE 2004-05-01: And now I’m undoing all of that because .TEXT supports what I wanted better than dasBlog did. Oh well…

New dasBlog Theme - Longhorn 1.0

Those of you who read this weblog on the web instead of via an RSS feed have already noticed that I posted my new theme. This theme is based on Longhorn’s Slate Theme.

I’ll be working on it as I discover things that don’t work the way I expect them to, but it is good enough for me to have posted.

The entire thing is done with CSS, there are no tables in the theme. The only tables are those generated by the dasBlog macros. This CSS focus creates some problems (duh) but I had to try it. I may end up re-writing it using tables if I can’t resolve all the problems. We’ll see.

Please leave me a comment if you love it or hate it. I appreciate your opinions.


Geek Notes 2003-11-28

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday at my in-law’s house. I ate more food than anyone should eat. I’m feeling it today.

Theme Change

Those of you who don’t use RSS to read this have probably already noticed that I’ve changed themes. The current theme is temporary as I am currently creating a new one from scratch. I was annoyed with├é a few things in the old one.

Geek Notes 2003-11-26

I spent an hour and a half last night going through the WSV200 “Overview of ASP.NET ‘Whidbey’” on the live PDC Content site. I’ve decided to start watching one session a night so I can catch up on all the material I didn’t see when I was there. :)

I’m also&nbsp_place_holder;rebuilding a Whidbey VPC image (I accidentally lost my other one when my old computer dumped), so I can start working through the Hands on Labs. Yippee!

Geek Notes 2003-11-25

Wow. I fell way behind on my aggregator… found a bunch of good things. Enjoy!

Blogs vs Newsgroups

In this post, Tim Heuer asks what the difference is between blogs and newsgroups. He even goes so far as to say that they are the same.

As I posted in his comments, I disagree.

I think the biggest difference between blogs and newsgroups is that with blogs the subscription model is per user. In other words, I decide to subscribe to you. I don’t subscribe to some meta-blog that aggregates you for the same reason I don’t do newsgroups as much as I used to. Basically the signal to noise ratio is too high. Drives me crazy.

I’ll give up the threading to have control of my content. I still think someone will solve the threading problem for me anyway… :)