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Geek Notes 2004-07-22

I am busy as hell with work and family…

But here’s a few good nuggets I’ve found over&nbsp_place_holder;the past couple of days.

  • Picasa - Google bought this image management tool and is now giving it away [via Scott Watermasysk]
  • BizTalk Pipeline Component Wizard - We had Scott Woodgate’s BTS04 Adapter Wizard, and now we have a wizard for pipelines. Nice. I need all of this sutff, so keep it coming!
  • Outsourcing Fast Food - Apparently when you order from the little speaker box there is no guarantee that the person you’re talking to is even in the same state as you. [via TechDirt]
  • BizTalk Joy - Scott Woodgate is pouring out the information… promoting properties, BizTalk documenter, SOA whitepapers, etc.
  • Microsoft Buys Lindows - Well… not the company but the name. Now they needn’t be quite so worried about trademark infringement of the Windows name.
  • Lots of MSBuild Tasks - I think I blogged this a long time ago, but Jamie Cansdale re-found the comprehensive list of MSBuild tasks produced by Microsoft UK.

Geek Notes 2004-07-18

Had a nice quiet weekend at home with the family. We’re getting more used to having two kids at home and the older one (2 years old) is starting to get used to having a little one around.

Phish on PBS

I don’t write about&nbsp_place_holder;music much, other than an occasional “Now Playing” link on my posts.

But I spent years of my younger life as a hardcore dedicated fan of Phish. Those wacky psychadelic, jam rock boys from Vermont.

I didn’t even post when they announced the long forseen breakup back in May.

But, since they aren’t coming to Colorado on their current (final) tour, I have to post this:

Select public television stations nationwide will air “IT” a ninety-minute special on Phish’s 2003 festival in Limestone, Maine beginning on Monday, August 2 at 10 PM. Shot in breathtaking high-definition video, the program combines exclusive interviews interwoven with live material. It’s unquestionably the best footage ever captured of the band playing live.

The program was produced by an award-winning production team, including producer/director Mary Wharton, 2003 Grammy award-winner for her documentary “Legend” on the life of singer Sam Cooke and the editing team of Thom Zimny, who won an Emmy for his work on Bruce Springsteen’s “Live in New York City” and editor Alex Hall. Also part of the production team is sound engineer and five-time Grammy Award winner Elliot Scheiner, a pioneer in 5.1 technology, who mixed both the stereo and surround sound versions.

For a list of stations that will be showing it, visit this page at phishook.com.

Now… can someone record the hidef audio for me? I don’t have a hidef TV, so I don’t care about that yet, but I would love the audio on CD or MP3. :)

Now playing: Alkaline - Headlights

Geek Notes 2004-07-16

Back at work and holding it together. Got two 3.5 hours sleep sessions followed by one 1 hour chunk. He is a great kid with wonderful temperament… I just wish he slept more.

Geek Notes 2004-07-15

Tomorrow is my first day back to work since Finn came. Should be interesting to see what work feels like on&nbsp_place_holder;three&nbsp_place_holder;2.5 hour sleep sessions…

Maybe I’ll go to be now and try to make it four.

Geek Notes 2004-07-14

So we are starting to get back into the swing of having a newborn in the house. Having a toddler at the same time is completely different than it was last time. Where we used to nap whenever Hadley would nap, we now can’t do that unless both kids are napping. Man… I’m tired.

More Pics of Finn

We are home now and getting used to it all. Hadley loves her new brother and wants to play with him constantly.

I have posted more pics over in the Finn Gallery. I also re-organized the ones that were there so the new ones will show up at the end of the list.

Pics of Finn!

I have posted a bunch of photos of Finn in a photo gallery over here. And to satiate everyone’s need for instant gratification, here is a closeup of the boy taking a nap.

Finn Mansfield Provost Is Here!

My wife had our second child, Finn Mansfield Provost Thursday morning at 5:11am. He weighed in at 6lbs 1oz and was 18¾ inches long.

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy.

We were scheduled to induce Thursday evening, but Finn decided on Wednesday afternoon that it was time to join the world. The labor was far easier on both mommy and baby than our first was, which made for a much easier experience for me (and after all, it is all about me, right?).

I’ll post pictures soon.

PS. I’m doing dial-up from the hospital… I forgot how painfully slow it is.