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XHTML MIME Type in Internet Explorer

I was interested in playing around with XSLTunit, which is a unit testing framework for XSLT, but I found that Internet Explorer wouldn’t open it. It kept popping up a “Save As…” dialog box. Hmmm…

So I fired up Fiddler to see what the MIME type was that was being sent by the server. It was “application/xhtml+xml” which was a MIME type that I had never seen before. After a bit of googling, I discovered that “application/xhtml+xml” is the correct MIME type for XHTML files!

Although a number of people seem to think that Internet Explorer doesn’t support it, the real answer is that it is just missing an entry in the registry to tell it what to do with that MIME type. At least, that is all I had to do to get it to work. (I’m sure some XHTML purist will say that IE is still broken even with this hack, but I don’t really care. All I wanted was to be able to browse the XSLTunit web site!)

Here is the registry entry you need to add. Put this into a text file named “xhtml_mime.reg” and double click on it. Then you should be able to view the XSLTunit site (and any others that use the new XHTML MIME type).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/xhtml+xml]

(This was tested on Windows XP SP2, your mileage may vary on other systems.)

Geek Notes 2004-10-21

I’ve never played around with a metal detector before, but last night I had to find something personal (small round jewelry) that had been lost in the backyard the day before. My wife and I were very unhappy that it was missing, so finding it was high on the list of things to do when I got home from work.

As I said, I haven’t used a metal detector before, but I had seen plenty of beachcomber types with the headphones and the long metal wand walking the beach near my dad’s old house in St. Pete Beach FL. I fired up the detector and played with the settins for a while before starting out into the backyard.

These things aren’t easy to use well, but they ain’t that hard either. Needless to say I found the thing we were looking for in less than an hour. Given that we have almost half an acre back there, I was pretty happy. +1 for metal detectors!

NewsGator Online Services Is Now Free!

It has been coming for a while now, but as of this morning, NewsGator Online Services is now free.

It is all outlined in today’s press release.

What this means is that you can now have a few things for free that you used to have to pay for to have with NewsGator.

  • My Clippings - A central place to manage and store posts you want to review (or blog) later.
  • Multi-Computer Sync - Now I can keep my NG at home in sync with my one at work.
  • Web Edition - Not at your regular computer? Hit the website!

Although you could get these from various free tools like Bloglines or RSSBandit, I’m really excited to get this stuff all wrapped up into one (supported) product that also has Outlook support. Can’t beat that.

Now, they haven’t actually revved the Outlook client yet, so the My Clippings feature is somewhat crippled in that you can’t easily copy a post to it from Outlook. But hopefully they will push out a new version of the client soon with that (and hopefully a lot more) feature.

Shell Integration for NUnit Console

Today I was experiencing some interesting differences between different NUnit test runners.

I wanted to be able to easily right-click on a DLL or EXE and have it run NUnit-Console. I prefer console for this task because it is lightweight and quick. YMMV.

This isn’t anything miraculous, but here is the registry tweak I made. Take this, save it to a file with a .reg extension and double-click on it.

NOTES: If your nunit-console.exe is in a different location you may need to edit this. Also, this file is 5 lines of content… the header line, four lines of text and two lines of whitespace.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\Test with NUnit Console\command]
@=”"C:\Program Files\NUnit V2.1\bin\nunit-console.exe" "%1" /wait”

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\Test with NUnit Console\command]
@=”"C:\Program Files\NUnit V2.1\bin\nunit-console.exe" "%1" /wait”

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1

Get it while its hot: SP1 for Microsoft VPC is available at Microsoft Downloads.

The readme link on that page is currently broken, so here is what is new:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Command-line installation changes
  • Virtual Disk Precompactor
  • Updated Network Adapter Driver for Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • Software Update for Shared Folders Under MS-DOS 6.22
  • Updated Virtual Machine Additions
  • Update to support TCP segmentation offloading
  • Update to support Group Policy Software Installation
  • Default performance option now set to “Run Virtual PC at maximum speed”
  • Performance improvements for XPSP2
  • Update to allow the name of the host computer and the virtual machine name to be read from within the guest operating system
  • The hotfix described in article 833506, which describes how Virtual PC 2004 may stop responding when a virtual machine is started

Now some of these things may be of particular interest to you, but what I’m happiest about is the Virtual Disk Precompactor.

From the readme file:

SP1 includes Virtual Disk Precompactor, a utility that is designed to “zero out”├óΓé¼”that is, overwrite with zeros├óΓé¼”any available blank space on a virtual hard disk.

We recommend that you use Virtual Disk Precompactor before you compact a dynamically expanding virtual hard disk. Using Virtual Disk Precompactor should result in a smaller compacted virtual hard disk. After you install SP1, Virtual Disk Precompactor.iso is located in the folder: \Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual Machine Additions.

To use Virtual Disk Precompactor, you must first capture Virtual Disk Precompactor.iso. To do so, use the standard procedure for capturing .iso files. For more information about this procedure, see “To capture or release a CD or DVD” in the Virtual PC Help.

After you capture Virtual Disk Precompactor.iso, you can run Virtual Disk Precompactor by going to the CD drive of the virtual machine. To view Help for Virtual Disk Precompactor, type precompact -help. To run Virtual Disk Precompactor, type precompact.


Two More Gmail Haiku

OK kids. The game is over. There are no more invites left. Here are the last two winners:


the robot
working precise
nobody neglected him


my system crashes
replicating virus spread
in deep trouble, HELP

That’s it. There are no more invites. Sorry.

GMail Invites Redux

Three people submitted Haiku and didn’t get an invite from me (because I ran out). Well you guys are├é in luck!├é A couple of kind folks have volunteered their invitations for you guys. I’m going to be disconnected until the weekend though, so hang in there and I’ll get you guys invited then.

GMail Invitation Winners -- Technology Haiku

Well that didn’t take long. Yesterday I received three and then today got seven more. And all of them are cool in one way or another. Thanks so much to everyone who participated.

Unfortunately, I only have six invites to give away, so I had two choices: the first six recieved, or the best six (as judged by me).

To be fair, I decided to go with first six. Sorry to those of you who were too late. When/if I get more invites, we will play again. Stay tuned.

Here are the six winners in the order they were received. (If you see your name here, you should get your GMail invite shortly.)

  1. Jeremiah Johnson:

more test coverage:
dependency injection
for less spring cleaning

  1. Scott C. Reynolds:

Error has occurred.
We won’t tell you where, or why…
Lazy Programmers.

  1. David Yack:

GMail Is Cool
But why do I care
More mail please

I need an invite
So I can have more mail to read
GMail is Cool

Up so late
Too much mail to read
GMail is Cool

  1. Rami Abughazaleh:

wonderful wizard
the savior from the devil
open, true angel

burn up the java
drop the perl into the c
go fish with dot net

  1. Justin:

One zero one one
zero one one one one one
zero zero one

Hey Justin, I need your email address to send you your invite – please use my contact form.

  1. Barry Allison

coveted gmail
night after night it teases
elusive invite

Here are the poems from the folks who were just a bit too late. Sorry folks.

  1. Josh Swihart:

Gmail launched with hype
Privacy issues killed flame
My data my box

  1. Simon Chadwick:

One gig of storage
Spam, junk, phishes: all Googled
I want my GMail

  1. Vince Zalamea:

delicate PC
pausing after POST
XP is booting

And finally, David Beardsley submitted this one, even though he already had a GMail account:

Google never sleeps
answering every question
you have yet to ask

Thanks again to everyone who submitted.

Geek Notes 2004-10-05

We closed on our house yesterday and on Thursday the moving truck arrives. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, so don’t be too suprised if I don’t blog until late weekend at best.

But then again, our Internet should be turned on Thursday, so maybe I will… we’ll see.

  • $pelling Micro$oft with a Dollar $ign&nbsp_place_holder;- Sandy Khaund enlightens a member of the ignorant open-source masses. It amazes me how many of these people rattle off FUD like “With MS I get vendor lock-in, but with Java I don’t.”
  • Google Building Custom Mozilla Browser - I don’t really understand what they would have to gain, but then it is open-source so why the hell not? [via Boing Boing]
  • Motorola and ATTWS Announce MPx220 - I have an MPx200 and love it. I’m worried that the 220 will cost me $500 or more, but I really want the Bluetooth support. [via Dustin Smith]
  • Is Your Battery Dead? - I know mine is. It always is. As Brad Abrams points out in this post, the battery industry is not fortunate enough to be meeting Moore’s Law. And it’s not looking like they’re going to do much better in the near future either.
  • Read a Pile of Science Fiction Books - Sam Gentile lists 10 kick-ass SF novels. I’ve read only half of them… time for a trip to my new library. (After I finish reading The Confusion and Software Factories&nbsp_place_holder;of course.)
  • AclUIAdapter - Once a long time ago, I wondered how to display that fancy ACL editor used by Windows. I ended up recreating it, but these days you can just follow the instructions in this post by Keith Brown.

GMail Invites

I’ve got six invites to give away. To get one, please send me a technology-oriented haiku.

Please submit your poem via my contact form I will post the winners and their poems in a day or so.

UPDATE: The game is over. There are no more invites. Sorry.