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Updated NUnit Plugin for VS11 Released

Good news!! Last night I got an email from Charlie Poole, the maintainer of NUnit pointing me to a blog post he’d just made:

Today, I’m releasing version 0.92 of the NUnit Adapter for Visual Studio and
creating a new project under the NUnit umbrella to hold it’s source code, track
bugs, etc.

In case you didn’t know, Visual Studio 11 has a unit test window, which
supports running tests using any test framework for which an adapter has been
installed. The NUnit adapter has been available on Code Gallery since the
initial VS Developer preview. This release fixes some problems with running
tests that target .NET 2.0/3.5 and with debugging through tests in the unit
test window.

This is great news because if you’ve tried to use NUnit with VS11 Beta before now, you probably noticed that you couldn’t actually run or debug a selected test or tests. When you tried, you ended up either getting a failed run or having all tests run. Clearly not good.

The fix was pretty simple, and I want to thank our team for helping find the issue and also of course thank Charlie for getting it out to customers to get them unblocked while using NUnit.

He’s also pushed some new content about the plugin:

So if you are experimenting with VS11 and are an NUnit user, be sure to get this update.

And of course, keep the feedback on VS11 Unit Testing coming!