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ArcCast.TV – What’s Coming for Architects in Visual Studio Team System

Somehow this slipped past me, but a couple of weeks ago a webcast that I did with local Architect Evangelist Joe Shirey posted up on Channel9.

Here’s the official description:

ARCast.TV - Peter Provost on what’s coming for Architects in Visual Studio Team System

The upcoming version of Visual Studio Team System (code named Rosario) has a number of new features and functions for Architects. Senior Program Manager of Visual Studio Team System for Architects Edition, Peter Provost, sits down with Joe Shirey to discuss what investments Microsoft has made into the product and how it will potentially improve the lives of Architects.

In addition to that, a number of other great webcasts have been going up by my team mates and other VSTS folks. We’ve created a special section on Channel9 for all of this great content at http://channel9.msdn.com/VisualStudio/ so please go check it out!