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Yet Another PowerShell + WoW Hack

Today I was cleaning out my World of Warcraft SavedVariables folder, which is where WoW addons keep state between sessions. Over time I have installed and uninstalled a number of addons and figured I should clean up a bit.

First I decided to hunt down all files that were for an addon I don’t have any more:

function strip-extension ([string] $filename) 
$addonsDir = 'C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons' 
$savedVars = 'C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<MyAccountName>\
ls $savedVars\*.lua | ? { (test-path (join-path -path $addonsDir 
-childPath (strip-extension($_.Name)))) -eq $false } | rm

Then I realized that I had forgotten to delete the .bak files that may have been created by upgrades, so I created this little command clean those up:

ls *.bak | ? { (test-path (strip-extension $_.Name)) -eq $false } | rm 

Have I mentioned how much I love PowerShell?

(Note: I artificially wrapped some of those lines to make them show up nicely in the blog.)