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Mmmm... Deep Fried Bacon

via The Traveling Grammy & Bompie Road Show:

What you can fry just depends on the size of the fryer or the limits of your imagination. Grease alone does not a feast make, it takes a good batter to top off the death-by-eating endeavor.

Here’s a little video on a place in Snook, Texas that fries bacon, dipped in batter and served with a side of cream gravy to dip it in because bacon + grease + batter just doesn’t have enough fat or calories.

Check out the big bellies on the owner and a couple of the customers. The owner looks like the live model for the fat human cross-section my doctor has in her examining room to show you what all your yellow and brown fat looks like under your skin. I hope this cafe has some of those easy-to-use heart attack paddles.

Oh, what do you call a person from Snook? Why Snookums, of course.

Oh dude… I totally want some Chicken Fried Bacon for lunch… or breakfast… or dinner… or brunch…