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MadLibs for Agile Principles

J.D. Meier, one of our PM/Architects, recently emailed around this questionnaire and I just noticed that he blogged it too. I originally replied via email, but decided that since he blogged it, I can too.

My answers are bold and underlined but the rest of this is from his email to me. (See J.D.’s blog post&nbsp_place_holder;for his blogged version which is slightly different):

MadLibs can be an interesting approach to capturing or identifying principles, practices, values … etc.

Here’s an example attempting to encapsulate principles of agile development:

  • Write code to pass tests over _writing code that you don├óΓé¼Γäót yet need. _
  • Measure progress by working software over measuring against a stale project plan.
  • Improve internal consistency and clarity of code through re-factoring over locking in the design before you know what you need.
  • Build releasable software in short time periods over shipping software too slowly to be relevant to the customer.
  • Close cooperation between the business and developers over eliminating conversations between those who know what they need and those who are able to provide it.
  • Respond to changing and emerging requirements over building what you thought you needed before you started.

Of course, you can also leave off the front and contrast with the behavior you’d like to change

  • Evolutionary and emergent discovery of requirements and designs over document-centric practices.

I wonder how others would answer these… or what other sentences you might want to say instead?