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Patterns & Practices Needs Your Help

Don Smith, one of our Product Managers, has put up a few blog posts looking for feedback about how we engage with you. He is asking questions about things like:

  • How do you feel about the written part of our guidance?
  • How do you feel about having to join a site to access our stuff?
  • Do you want live source code access or just periodic releases?
  • Do you want access to the work queue and bug list? Would you submit bugs and feature suggestions?
  • Do you prefer web forums, mailing lists, or RSS feeds to stay informed and to talk to other people about p&p deliverable?
  • How do you feel about wikis as a way of providing and managing documentation content?
  • What can we do better to communicate more effectively with you, our customers?

Anyway, instead of posting a reply here, please go over to these two posts on Don’s blog and give him feeback on his questions.

Thanks for taking the time to help us out on this. It makes a difference.