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My Newest Interesting Powershell Script

I’ve started running a bunch of Ace Addons for World of Warcraft and I love the fact that they have them all up on their Subversion server. But it was getting annoying having to do “svn update” on each and every folder (using TortoiseSVN wasn’t any betterΓǪ I then had to right-click each oneΓǪ not better).

But of course, being the Powershell junkie that I am, I had to automate this, so here’s what I just ran. I know it can be simplified a bit, but this works for now:

PS >&nbsp_place_holder;gci | where { $_.GetType().FullName -eq "System.IO.DirectoryInfo" } | foreach { cd $_; svn update }

Woo hoo!

Update: I suppose I should have just tried using SVN for this first, eh? It turns out “svn update *” works just fine.