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Good Times, Bad Times

It has been a challenging couple of days. Today, Emily and I are flying to Sydney Australia for a little bit of vacation and so I can do a few presentations at the patterns and practices Summit. On Wednesday my parents flew in from Washington DC where they were taking care of my sister’s kid while she was in the Bahamas. (Yes, that’s pretty much what they do–fly around the country to play with their grandkids.)

We are really looking forward to the vacation part and I always love an opportunity to speak about geeky stuff in public. And since the kids aren’t coming with us (), we will do nothing but lay on the beach and wander around Sydney. All while my kids are busy tormenting their grandparents instead of us.

A few hours after Grammy and Bompie&nbsp_place_holder;got here, though,&nbsp_place_holder;Finn (the youngest one) came down with a puking stomache flu. Lovely. Emily has already blogged a bit about it, but she was surprisingly restrained. She has been puked on at least six or seven times. I’ve been lucky enough to only get it once. Fun.

But despite all of that, it is very nice to have&nbsp_place_holder;my folks&nbsp_place_holder;here. My dad always inspires me to do work around the house. When he isn’t chasing around the country visiting grandkids, he is rebuilding his house. So he always arrives looking for a project to do at my house. It is great.

But then last night we got handed a project I really didn’t need. The clothes dryer died. The washer was already on its way out, but now the dryer is dead. And we still have 19 loads of laundry to do before our trip. So now, in addition to all the other things we have to do for the trip, we have to run over to a laundromat to get our clothes clean. And possibly swing by Home Depot for a new set of laundry machines.

Like I said in the title… Good Time, Bad Times.