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Geek Notes 2006-01-27

We dropped another weekly release of the Smart Client Baseline Architect Toolkit today, which is proceeding nicely. We’ve been doing weekly drops of all our stuff, code, GAT packages, documentation, etc. Things are moving along nicely.

Had a few things laying around in my “Geek Notes” pileΓǪ here you go:

  • Useful One-line Scripts for SED - Every now and then I use sed to do something for me. Combined with Monad I can do almost anything to a whole folder full of files. Today while helping Scott Densmore with a little sed script, I found for him this page full of simple useful sed scripts. Fore more sed info, see The SED FAQ.
  • Waterfall 2006 - The only conference by and for waterfall lovers. Don’t miss my favorite session, “Introduction to Dogmatic Programming” by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas. Register while there are still seats available!
  • LUA Whitepaper Released - If you (or the boss) need more convincing than me, Aaron Margosis and Michael Howard telling you that LUA is the way to go, check out this TechNet Whitepaper called “Applying the Principle of Least Privilege to User Accounts on Windows XP” that shows all the various techniques available today. [via Aaron Margosis]
  • Workaround for Shutdown.exe LUA Bug - While I’m on the LUA stuffΓǪ Aaron also recently posted this little workaround for something that bothers the hell out of me. Using shutdown.exe from the command prompt doesn’t work! WellΓǪ it does now.
  • Sony Reader - Just recently someone was talking about the death (or not) of paperback books. Then I run across this amazing looking thing from Sony. Wow. If it looks as good up close as the pictures make it seem, it will be amazing. [via Jan Miksovsky]