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Geek Notes 2006-01-23

It has been a little while since I posted&nbsp_place_holder;a Geek Notes. Sorry. Haven’t been reading many blogsΓǪ mostly just been working, doing family stuff and playing poker.

  • AJAX Web-Based Telnet - Wow. Wow. Wow. As Lee Holmes said in his review of it, “Truly amazing.”
  • Hanselminutes&nbsp_place_holder;Podcasts - Scott Hanselman is doing a podcast (this link is to number 1). Gotta check that out. Scott it smart, funny, witty and a good speaker. Might be a good workout podcast. Number 2 is up too.
  • NASA Stardust Clean-Room Cam - They are currently extracting blocks of aerogel full of little stardust particles. Here is a great pic of one, but if you want to be a real geek, watch the team during the day on the webcam.
  • Jamie Does Code Coverage - Jamie Cansdale, author of TestDriven.net–the best test runner for Visual Studio, has just posted some really cool news about his new support for code coverage right from the right click menu. Sweeeeet.
  • Loading Assemblies The Monad Way - We MSH-heads happily use the now-depricated LoadWithPartialNames method to load in whatever external assemblies we need, but this little helper script from Lee Holmes is very nice indeed and does it the “right” way for .NET 2.0.
  • Penn Jillette’s Radio Show Podcast - The title says it all. I think I’ll queue this one up right after Hanselminutes.