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Apparently I'm Committed

This has been a very interesting Christmas from a blogging standpoint. I typically spend a lot of time putting&nbsp_place_holder;together my “End of Year” post which means that I spend much of this week looking back at the last year of posts, thinking about what I liked and didn’t, what I said and didn’t, and what I’d like to do in the coming year. But then,&nbsp_place_holder;on Dec 20, I posted&nbsp_place_holder;“Intelligent Design Loses in Dover School District Case”.

I don’t often post about religion and stuff because of a personal philosophy I have. I call myself a “non-proselytizing athiest”. This means that I do not believe in a higher being and that I don’t try to convert people to my way of thinking. This is consistent with my libertarian (small L) political beliefs as well. Everyone can do or believe whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone else.

I was a bit nervous as I wrote that post about the Dover case, but I tried to focus on the case and not the philosophy. I mostly wanted to congratulate the team of people who worked on the case. Why? Because I believed in what they were doing.

I suppose looking back on it, that I should have expected a lot of comments, but I didn’t. I got comments and emails from people on all sides. So I decided to disable comments on that post and posted “A Few Words About This Blog, Evolutionary Biology and Personal Happiness” where I didn’t quite retract the original post, but I tried to explain that I didn’t really want to fight about it. I guess I failed.

The biggest reason I decided to stop the comments on that post was actually because I was afraid that I would offend my readers, which I didn’t want to do. Religion is a very sentitive subject for many people and as someone pointed out, my blog is generally a technical blog. Just as many of my readers feel very passionately about their beliefs, I also feel strongly about mine. So I was afraid that if I allowed the discussion (argument?) to continue, someone would get hurt. That was not something I wanted to do.

But it seems that there are people who want to talk about this. Some of the comments and emails have accused me of censorship or dogma at my closing of the comments. Some have expressed regret at having offended me. Some were angry. It seems that I ended doing exactly the opposite of what I intended. It seems that I hurt some people.

Okay. I’m adaptable. And those who know me certainly would agree that I’m opinionated and don’t back away from arguments. So I have reopened comments on that post. And I will be answering people’s comments with comments and posts of my own.

Before I begin doing that however, I want to point out that you can easily opt out of these posts and stay tuned to just my technical posts by subscribing to one of my categorized feeds. These posts (religion, intelligent design, politics, philosophy, etc.) will always be in the&nbsp_place_holder;“Opinions, Politics, Rants” category. My technical posts will always be in the “Technology” category and my Geek Notes periodic posts will always be in the “Geek Notes” category. Feel free to choose how much of this firehose you want to drink. It is up to you.