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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

We’ve all been keeping this under our hats for a while now, but since Scott has let the cat out of the bag&nbsp_place_holder;about his departure from patterns & practices, we can finally say our public goodbyes.

I first met Scott Densmore at Buca di Beppo in Seattle during the 2004 MVP Summit. A bunch of guys from Chris Sells’ Win Tech Off Topic mailing list had organized a dinner for those who were in town. Attending the dinner were a number of great people, most of whom I can’t remember. But I do remember first meeting Scott Densmore there.

Scott had come along with Jim Newkirk, who was at the time his boss in p&p. I’d already met Jim at the 2003 PDC a few months prior, but I hadn’t met Scott before. We all had a great time eating Italian food, drinking wine, and arguing about whether/why all software developers have OCD. (As I recall, Scott Densmore and Scott Hanselman said that we all do, Jim Newkirk and I said that we don’t, Shawn Van Ness was on the fence.)

But what I remember the most is when Scott looked over at Jim and said, “You know that job we were talking about? Peter would be perfect for it.”

“Ha ha ha,” I said, thinking he was joking and then put it out of my mind. After all, they wouldn’t actually take me at Microsoft would they?

After dinner, a bunch of people decided to head over to one of the hotels (the W?) for drinks. Scott and Jim offered to give me a ride and we continued to talk tech on the way over and after we arrived. At some point, I asked Jim, “So this job thingΓǪ were you serious?”

“Damn straight we are!” Scott chimed in.

The rest as they say is history. I later interviewed, was offered a job working with Scott and Jim in patterns & practices, accepted and then in August 2004 we moved out here to the Seattle area.

Once I got here, Scott took me under his wing and became my unofficial mentor. I had an official mentor who taught me the official MS stuff, but Scott taught me the down and dirty stuff. You know, like the best way to tell someone to go to hell and the best way to do what you want even when you’ve been told not to. That kind of stuff. The stuff that takes years to learn.

I sat as right hand to Scott as Enterprise Library 1.0 wrapped up and then struck out on my own on the CAB project. But I continued to depend on Scott for advice all the time. I still do.

We will miss Scott in the halls of building 5, but he won’t be that far away. I know we’ll still see each other a lot (our kids and wives are friends), but I will miss working with him. Maybe someday we’ll be able to work together again. I sure hope so.

Good luck on your new top-secret adventure Scott. I know you will do well.