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Patterns & Practices Summit - Redmond - Dec 13-15

The patterns & practices Summits are starting again. Up next is the USA West event here in Redmond with keynotes by Alan Cooper, Anders Hejlsberg and GotDotNet CodeSlam with Chris Sell.

This time around I’m involved in two presentations, one with Brad Wilson and one with Brian Button:

Agile Development in the patterns & practices “war room” - Peter Provost & Brad Wilson

Learn how the p&p collaborative “war room” used an agile development process to create CAB and Enterprise Library. Discover how the p&p distributed teams work with contributors all over the world, and the techniques used to stay together as an “agile team”. You will hear about the lessons learned, what works best, and what not to do.

Build your own Enterprise Library - Peter Provost & Brian Button

Organizations typically need to create their own enterprise application framework. This session describes how to build this framework using the latest Enterprise Library. You will learn how to how to customize EntLib, how to “factor out” functionality you don’t require, how to integrate your own code and existing framework, how to package it to work well together, and how to version manage it going forward.

I’m really looking forward to these talks. I always have fun presenting with both of these guys.

For more information, registration information, presenter bios, schedules, etc. please see the patterns & practices Summit web site.

Hope to see you there!