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What Is That Big Yellow Thing in the Sky?

I guess I’ve been living in Seattle too long.

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday back in Denver and MAN is it sunny there. And dry. And cold. Our daughter Hadley kept saying, “Daddy, it sure is bright here.”

“Yes, honey. It is.”

Damn bright. And you know what? I don’t miss it. Not one bit. I just kept having to look for the sunglasses I no longer own.

And not a tree in sight. I mean, they’ve got these little things they call trees, but they ain’t nothin’ like the 10’ diameter beasts in my front and back yards. Sure, unlike Seattle, you can see a McDonalds coming for miles and miles, but is that really a good thing?

Seeing the family and friends was great, though. We got a nice turnout for our little get-together at Lounge on Colfax.

That’s enough. I’m sure Emily’s write-up will be better than mine though, so if you really want to know what we did, go read her blog.