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Development Jobs at Patterns & Practices

On Friday, my boss Darrell Snow posted an opening we have here in p&p. Here’s an excerpt from the official job posting on the MS careers site:

Do you want to help create the application blocks, tools, and reference implementations that help Microsoft’s enterprise customers more successfully build their business applications? Are you passionate about understanding enterprise customers and the proven best practices in using the Microsoft platform to develop their solutions? See http://msdn.microsoft.com/practices for more information on the patterns & practices (p&p) group.

An SDE in the p&p group requires in-depth experience developing enterprise business applications and products. The deliverables include reference architecture implementations, application building blocks, and pattern implementations. When we are successful, we help customers use the existing platform and also provide feedback to the product groups for future versions of the platform. The SDE will work in project teams, and often is responsible for leading the development efforts including managing external vendor developers. Each project to create a p&p deliverable typically lasts 4-9 months.